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CHANDRA [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] The moon, either as a planet or a deity. See Soma.

CHANDRAVANSA. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] The Lunar race. The lineage or race which claims descent from the moon. It is divided into two great branches, the Yadavas and Pauravas, respectively descended from Yadu and Puru. Krishna belong to the line of Yadu, and Dushyanta with the Kuru and Pandu princes to the line of Puru."

CHANRAKANTA [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] `The moonstone.' A gem or stone supposed to be formed by the congelation of the rays of the moon; a crystal is perhaps meant. It is supposed to exercise a cooling influence. So in the Meghaduta - "The moon's white rays the smiling night illume,And on the moongem concentrated fall,That hangs in woven nets in every hall; Whence cooling dews upon the fair descend,And life renewed to languid nature lend." It is also called Manichaka. 


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