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AHALYA. [Source: Dowson's Classical Dictionary of Hindu Mythology] Wife of the Rishi Gautama, and a very beautiful woman. In the Ramayana it is stated that she was the first woman made by Brahma, and that he gave her to Gautama. She was seduced by Indra, who had to suffer for his adultery.

One version of the Ramayana represents her as knowing the god and being flattered by his condescension; but another version states that the god assumed the form of her husband, and so deceived her.

Another story is that Indra secured the help of the moon, who assumed the form of a cock and crowed at midnight. This roused Gautama to his morning's devotions, when Indra went in and took his place.

Gautama expelled Ahalya from his hermitage, and deprived her of her prerogative of being the most beautiful woman in the world, or, according to another statement, he rendered her invisible. She was restored to her natural state by Rama and reconciled to.her husband.

This seduction is explained mythically by Kumarila Bhatta as Indra (the sun's) carrying away the shades of night, the name Ahalya, by a strained etymology, being made to signify `night.'


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