Week 1: Orientation

Orientation Activities - Instructor: laura-gibbs@ou.edu

Storybook Project Links

NOTE: As students graduate, many of these projects "age" out of the system, so don't be surprised if some of the links are not working.

Fall 2009:

Adela Campfire Death Stories
Bailey Love Stories: Prince Charmings
Bruce Vishnu and His Avatars
Gabrielle Royalty of Ramayana & Mahabharata
Lindsay Love is in the Hair
Mary The Reality of Illusion
Megan Hose Ganges Gazette: Birth Stories
Barry Where the Kosalas Roam
Becky Wicked: Ravana Style
Connor Rama: Savior of the World
Emily Karma at Its Best
Lynette Age of Innocence: Mother's Stories
Megan Wilson The Love Bar
Nikky Women in the Indian Epics
Sarah Wiley Ravana's Secrets
Eisham Vishnu's Epic Love Stories
Jeff Secret Journal of Thomas Hobbes
Jesus Hanuman and Detective Avila
Marjon Love Stories from the Epics
Sarah Catlett Women of India: Incredible Stories
Sean Dharma: Those Who Uphold the Law
Ally Animals of the Ramayana
Heath Indian Demons
Jillian Vishnu: The Grief of Avatars
Jules Women of the Epics
Kathleen Avatars of Vishnu
Kaylee Birth Stories: Party of the Century
Nate Loyal Retainers: Campfire Tales

Spring 2009:

Allie Home Sweet Home
Austin Forever My Brother
Brad Dharma Tales: Ashramas
Cayci Diaries of Love
Crystal Ayodhya Times: Hanuman
Eric Brotherly Love... Or Not
Geoff Hanuman: Complete Devotee
Heather Karma: What Goes Around
Jake Lessons in Karma
Jerrid Adventures of Hanuman
Jim Street Corner Guru
John Demons of the Past
Jonathan A Tale of Pilgrimages
Kerry Maya's Deception
Kyle King of the Rakshasas
Liz Love by Moonlight
Mandy Life of Sita
Mike True Tales of Warcraft
Monika Lord Ganesha
Nicholas Stories of Indian Ecology
Olivia Rajiv & F.R.I.E.N.D.S
Reema Birth Stories
Rob Rama: A Warrior's Tale
Roni Diaries of Women in Love
Stephanie Epic Creations
Vicky Vishnu: The Animal Inside
William Vishnu's Final Return


Fall 2008:

Ann: Ramayana Women John: Small Steps Through India Merina: Epic Girl - Love Stories
Bijal: Avatars of Vishnu Kelsey: Karma - Back to Get You Priay: Epic Love Stories
Casey: The Eyes of Love Kristyn: Women - Motivations & Emotions Sara: Sita's Abduction
Chris: Death - Lessons for Life Lindsey: Yama - God of Death SarahBeth: Belief in Reincarnation
Christa: Escaping Maya's Traps Mandy: Karma - What Goes Around Spencer: King Among Sages - Drona
Christina: Visions from Vishnu Marc: Bringing Ganges Down Stephanie: Reincarnation - Life After Death
Jason: Epic Ethics   Tara: Three Little Words - Love Stories

Spring 2008:

Alyson: Ravana's Side Erica: Conscience of a King Lauren HUSSEY: Rakshasa, Interrupted
Anant: Brotherhood Ordeals Jamie: Love Stories Unfold Mary: Krishna Collection
Angela: Female Enigma Jen SANDERS: Kaikeyi Natalie: King of It All
Blaine: The Light Fades Jenny BRODERSEN: Visions of Sita Riegy: Battles & Weapons
Caitlin: Dharma Jonathan: The Hunt Shannon: Powerfully Weak
Chenoa: Ancient Women Katy Jo: Wives Shilpa: Good, Bad & Ugly
Dennis: Karma Keshia: Scheherazade & Sita Souzi: Ganesha
Elizabeth: Sidekicks Laura TOMES: Vishnu's Avatars Stephanie WEATHERS: Your Best Life
Emily: Maya Mirror   Steven: Demons

Fall 2007:

Ashesh: The Art of Persuasion Holly: Kamadeva's Love Stories Kendra: Demons Among Us
  Jasmine: Childhood of God LeeAnn: The Power of Beauty
Carol Lewis: Death - Final Frontier? Jenny: Beautiful Love Stories Nisha: Adventures with Hanuman
Carolyn Maher: Birth Stories Jessica: Places & Settings Sarah: Love and Desire
Cecilia: Two Faces of Love Katey Landis: Weapons Shannon: Trial by Fire
Dayna: Love Stories Investigated Kate (Kathryn) Smith: Lakshmana Shivani: Realm of Karma
Derek: Feature Creature Kathryn Warren: Epic Love Stories Stuart: SIDEKICK QUESTâ„¢
Divya: Brothers   Young (Niels): Hindu Cosmology

Spring 2007:

Ardy: Karma Jamie: Karma Monica: Dharma - A Higher Truth
Courtney: Rama and Sita Jerimiah: Women Palak: Faces of Love
Cristina: Rama and his Allies Jessica NEWTON: Mother & Child Karma Rachel KRAFT: Vishnu Revealed
Denise: Sita's Life Jessica REYNOLDS: Maya - Exploring Illusion Rachel MAGANN: Animal Stories
Elichia: When Gurus Attack! John: Virtues Worth Imitation Sara HUBER: Ramayana Animals
Emmanuel: Ramayana Animals Joy: Illusion - Reality Sarah TUCKER: Eternal Journey
Erin: Epic Women Kara Snider: Sita
Gabriel: Rama's Demons Laura: Sita - A Great Woman  

Fall 2006

Aaron: Land of the Apes
Lindsey: Powerful Women
Amber: Brothers in Arms Michael: Indra
Danelle: Animal Characters Natalie Brown: Maya - Power of Illusion
Garrett: Dharma Natalie Burkey: Maya - Constant Flux
Heena: Love Stories Renee: The Power of Women
Joshua: Monkeys of the Indian Epics Saraben: Sita, Untold Heroine
Joy: Duty of Dharma Stephanie: The Call of Yama
Katheryn: Brotherhood Steven: This Is Ravana
Ken: Life of Rama Zachary: Legends of Kings

Spring 2006

Andrea: India - Epic Adventure Melanie: Indra
Ashley: Sita's Diary Missy (Melissa) Hedrick: Pilgrimage Tales
Casi: Shiva Miranda Reynolds: Ravana's Tales
Cat (Catherine): Guru Stories Miranda Strednak: Journey thru India
Christine: Hanuman Rafael: Epic Battles
Crystal: Ravana - The Truth Rainy: Women
Devon: Rama's Journeys Stephen: Brahmins
Heather: Sita Swami (Cameron): Maya
Joshua: Indra Tiamber: Love and Marriage
Malisa Scoufos: Brotherhood  

Fall 2005

Abigail: Ravana - Another View of Evil Kristin: Karma - For Every Action...
Alisha: How Do I Love Thee Mary: Reincarnation
Brian: Ravana - Evil Lord of Lanka Nick: Death
Christy: Karma - Balance, Forgiveness, Acceptance Noah: Places
Jay (Jeremiah): Demons of Indian Culture Russell (Clinton): The Rasas
John Paul: Animals in the Ramayana Sharla: Indra's Secrets
Josh: Indra - Warrior & Adulterer Shaun: Demons - Tales from the Abyss
Justin: Dharma Shiva: Dharma - Hindu Morality

Spring 2005

April: Love Stories Josh: Soteriology of Vishnu
Ashley: Karma Kimberley Balsley: Sita
Becca: Maya Kim Delaney: Death Rituals
Becky: Sita Kody: Women
Brandon: Female Voice Lauren: Karma
Christine: Birth Stories Mark: Karma
Dara: Karma Megan: Sita
Jenn Scott: Important Places Ro (Rogina): Avatars of Vishnu
Jennifer Walpole: Marital Bliss Shelby: Karma
Jenny Vigil: Animal Stories Susan: Avatars of Vishnu
Jill: Demons Teresa: Marriage Rituals
Joe: Maya Valerie: Husbands and Wives

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