Create Your Own Rotating Content

So, now that you have learned how to use Rotating Content in a web-environment like Blackboard and in a free-standing webpage, you are ready to learn how to create your own Rotating Content. And trust me - it's easy!

But I also have to admit, creating content takes time. It's not the technology that is difficult, but coming up with the actual content. Any kind of content creation is going to be time-consuming - that's the nature of creating content. So even if you were to walk out of the workshop now, just knowing how to make use of Rotating Content scripts that others have written, you have accomplished something! I really hope that you will find the existing Content scripts to be both useful and fun, and that they can be of help to you in livening up your online content.

And if you are intrigued by the possibility of creating your own Rotating Content, we'll spend the rest of this workshop creating a simple "ice cream" script together - it will be a random script with 5 items which will tell you what kind of ice cream you want to eat! Here is an overview of the step-by-step process for creating your own Rotating Content script for use in a webpage:

  1. Plan content. Decide on the content and the appropriate type of content. Should it be date-based? random? date-based AND random?
  2. Collect content. Collect the content in some kind of digitized form that will be easy for cutting and pasting.
  3. Generate table. Use the Rotating Content Tool to generate the HTML table that will store the content.
  4. Fill table. Add the content to the HTML table.
  5. Choose script. Decide on the type of script you will use. Can you use PHP scripts in your web environment? Or do you need to stick to Javascript?
  6. Generate script. Use the Rotating Content Tool to convert the HTML table to a script.
  7. Publish script. Publish the script to your webspace.
  8. Publish webpage. Add the script to a webpage, and publish.

As you can see, the online Rotating Content Tool is an essential part of this process. In the following slides, I will walk you through the different areas of the Rotating Content Tool website and then I will walk you the process of actually creating a script.













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