News Headlines

The last example I want to share with you here is a News Headlines script. This script actually contains content from live RSS feeds generated by news sources such as the BBC, CNN, and so on. What I did here was to take about 20 of those news feeds, convert them to javascript with the great Feed2JS tool, and then paste those javascripts into an HTML table, which I converted to a random rotating content script.

The result is that you get 3 live headlines from a random news source each time the page reloads:

Personally I think this is one of the most successful scripts that I have created. It harnesses the "live" power of RSS (constantly updated headlines) with the randomization power of the Rotating Content Tool. The result is a source of continually new information for students, available to them every time the webpage reloads.

As with any of the rotating content scripts, there is an HTML table which shows the news sources I am drawing on. When this table loads it displays 3 headlines from all of the sources, which is definitely a bit overwhelming! If you were to show all these headlines at once, it would be an information overload - but the Rotating Content tool helps you manage the information in reasonable chunks, displayed at random each time the page reloads.













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