Using The Rotating Content Tool: Merlot International Conference, 2005

The following slideshow presents an overview of the Rotating Content Tool developed by Laura Gibbs and Randy Hoyt.

The table provides a list of the topics covered in the slideshow, and you can also find examples of Rotating Content displayed at the bottom of this page. The handout for the workshop is also available online.

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  • Slide 11. Rotating Content in a CMS (Desire2Learn, Blackboard)
  • Slide 12. Five Reasons for Rotating Content
  • Slide 13. Reason #1: Fresh Content
  • Slide 14. Reason #2: Content Chunks
  • Slide 15. Reason #3: HTML Content
  • Slide 16. Reason #4: Reusable Content
  • Slide 17. Reason #5: Shareable Content
  • Slide 18. Hands-On: Rotating Content in Blackboard
  • Slide 19. Hands-On: Creating a Webpage with Rotating Content
  • Slide 20. Create Your Own Rotating Content

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