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Aesop's Fables: Phaedrus

Book I - VII. Vulpis ad Personam Tragicam (Perry 27)

Personam tragicam forte vulpes viderat;
quam postquam huc illuc semel atque iterum verterat,
'O quanta species' inquit 'cerebrum non habet!'
Hoc illis dictum est quibus honorem et gloriam
Fortuna tribuit, sensum communem abstulit.

The Fox and the Tragic Mask (trans. C. Smart)

A Fox beheld a Mask- "0 rare
The headpiece, if but brains were there !"
This holds-whene'er the Fates dispense
Pomp, pow'r, and everything but sense.

Latin text from Phaedrus at The Latin Library (Ad Fontes), English translations from The Fables of Phaedrus Translated into English Verse by Christopher Smart (London: 1913). Ben Perry, Babrius and Phaedrus (Loeb), contains the Latin texts of Phaedrus, with a facing English translation, along with a valuable appendix listing all the Aesop's fables attested in Greek and/or in Latin. Invaluable.