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Aesop's Fables: Sir Roger L'Estrange (1692)


A Fuller had a very kind Invitation from a Collier to come and live in the House with him. He gave him a thousand Thanks for his Civility; but told him that it would not stand with his Conveneince; for (says he) as fast as I make any Thing clean, you’ll be smutting it again.
THE MORAL OF THE TWO FABLES ABOVE. ‘Tis a necessary Rule in Alliances, Matches, Societies, Fraternities, Friendships, Partnerships, Commerce, and all manner of civil dealings and Contracts, to have a strict Regard to Humour, the Nature, and the Disposition of those we have to do withal.

L'Estrange originally published his version of the fables in 1692. There is a very nice illustrated edition in the Children's Classics series by Knopf: Sir Roger L'Estrange. Aesop - Fables which is available at amazon.com.