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Aesop's Fables (Chambry edition)

Chambry 318 = Perry 210

(variant version from Chambry's first edition)

Ποιμὴν παίζων.

Καὶ που παιδίον ποίμνια νέμον ἐφ' ὑψηλοῦ τόπου ἱστάμενον πολλάκις ἀνέκραγε· Βοηθεῖτέ μοι, λύκοι. Οἱ δὲ ἀγρότεροι τρέχοντες ἐν τῇ ποίμνῃ τοῦτον ηὕρισκον μηδαμῶς ἀληθεύοντα. Τοῦτο δὲ πολλάκις τοῦ παιδὸς πραξαμένου, οἱ τοιοῦτοι συνήρχοντο καὶ ἀεὶ ψεῦδος εὑρίσκοντες ἀπήρχοντο. Μετὰ δὲ ταῦτα τοῦ λύκου προσελθόντος, ὁ παῖς ἐβόα· Ὁ λύκος, δεῦτε. Ἐπεὶ δὲ οὐδεὶς ἐπίστευεν οὐδ' ἀπήρχετο βοηθῆσαι, ὁ λύκος ἀδείας λαβόμενος, εὐκόλως τὴν ποίμνην πᾶσαν διέφθειρεν.
Ὁ μῦθος δηλοῖ ὅτι τοσοῦτον οὐκ ὠφελεῖ τινα τὸ μὴ λαλεῖν τὰ ἀληθῆ ὅσον δεῖ φοβεῖσθαι μήπως ἐκ τούτου οὐδὲ τὰ ἀληθῆ λέγων εἰσακούσθῃ.

Chambry published a multivolume edition of the fables for the Belles Lettres series in 1925/6 (Paris). He later revised this into a single volume, omitting hundreds of the fable variants. In addition, the numeration between these two volumes is not consistent. The texts here are taken from the 1925/6 edition, but the numeration follows the stanard single volume edition.