1950's Tar Baby

Image Information: Replica of 1950's Tar Baby for sale in 2003. Weblink.
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The question is often asked "is the Tar Baby a racist stereotype?" - but rather than asking the question that way, let's ask instead: "can the Tar Baby be a racist stereotype?" If you have any doubts that the answer to this question is YES, please consider the following item for sale at the bannedfilms.com website, where a Tar Baby statue from the 1950's is still being sold today.

Weblink. "Ooh Lawdy! Tain't nuthin' like a cool slice o'watermelon on a hot summer day! "Tar Baby" is a reproduction of an original 1950's concrete cast. It is made of polyester resin and makes a great conversation piece indoors or outdoors. 12" Tall, 8 Lbs. I reckon you had your eye on this for a while. "So I 'spect you best go ahead and git yo'self one!"

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