Week 12: Thousand-and-One Nights

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Reading Quiz


The following is a list of statements which are either True or False. When you take the quiz, you will have 10 of these statements, chosen at random. You can take the quiz up to 5 times, and your average score will be recorded.

Apply the 80% RULE when you are taking quizzes for these classes. In other words: don't stress about trying to get 100% on these quizzes. The quizzes are here to make sure you are ready to go on to the next activity. If you get 80% or better, you are ready to proceed. If you get less than 80% you need to go back and do the reading again (read more slowly, take notes) and take the quiz again, aiming for at least 80%.

  1. T or F ? The fisherman tricked the genius into going back inside the jar.
  2. T or F ? The colored fish were actually people who had been turned into fish.
  3. T or F ? The genius was going to kill the merchant because he had stolen the genius's gold.
  4. T or F ? On their wedding night, Aladdin presented the princess with a beautiful roc's egg.
  5. T or F ? The physician killed the king by means of poison pages in a book.
  6. T or F ? The vizir forced his daughter Scheherazade to marry the sultan.
  7. T or F ? When the sultan told her to marry the vizir's son, the princess refused and ran off with Aladdin.
  8. T or F ? The fairy was jealous of her husband's brothers and turned them into golden fish.
  9. T or F ? The magician's brother came to Aladdin's court disguised as the princess's sister.
  10. T or F ? Aladdin gave the sultan the magic lamp in order to get permission to marry the princess.
  11. T or F ? The evil magician pretended to be Aladdin's uncle.
  12. T or F ? The physician told the king that his head would continue to speak after his death.
  13. T or F ? The princess lost Aladdin's magical lamp by exchanging it for a shiny new one.
  14. T or F ? The jealous wife turned her adopted son into a calf.
  15. T or F ? Aladdin's father died of grief because his son was such a good-for-nothing.
  16. T or F ? The three brothers all had fairy wives whom they met beneath the waves of the sea.
  17. T or F ? The physician cured the king's illness with wine made from magical grapes and plums.
  18. T or F ? When the colored fish were cooked, they turned into jewels and coins.
  19. T or F ? The merchant presented himself for execution after one year, as he had promised the genius.
  20. T or F ? The wife tricked the parrot into thinking it had rained and thundered all night long.
  21. T or F ? The sultan found a man sitting on the throne who was a fish from the waist down.
  22. T or F ? Dinarzade was Scheherazade's sister.
  23. T or F ? The man recognized his son in animal form when it spoke to him and called him 'father.'
  24. T or F ? Althugh the fisherman had rescued the genius, it planned to kill him nevertheless.
  25. T or F ? When the enchantress saw the sultan lying there in place of her lover, she killed him.

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