Week 11: Margaret of Navarre's Heptameron

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The following is a list of statements which are either True or False. When you take the quiz, you will have 10 of these statements, chosen at random. You can take the quiz up to 5 times, and your average score will be recorded.

Apply the 80% RULE when you are taking quizzes for these classes. In other words: don't stress about trying to get 100% on these quizzes. The quizzes are here to make sure you are ready to go on to the next activity. If you get 80% or better, you are ready to proceed. If you get less than 80% you need to go back and do the reading again (read more slowly, take notes) and take the quiz again, aiming for at least 80%.

  1. T or F ? Like the Decameron, the Heptameron is about a group of noble men and women fleeing the plague.
  2. T or F ? Navarre is a suburb of Paris, where the cathedral of St. Denis is located.
  3. T or F ? The Heptameron is a collection of French stories modeled after Boccaccio's Decameron.
  4. T or F ? The French Huguenots were slaughtered during the Saint Bartholomew's Day massacre in 1572.
  5. T or F ? Margaret died in 1628.
  6. T or F ? The stories in the Heptameron are supposed to be true stories.
  7. T or F ? The Heptameron is one of the most important literary works of the French Renaissance.
  8. T or F ? Margaret was briefly married to the famous French poet Ronsard.
  9. T or F ? Margaret was French, but spent most of her life at the court of Queen Elizabeth in England.
  10. T or F ? Navarre is located in what is now a part of Spain, near the French border.
  11. T or F ? All of the stories in the Heptameron are tragic love stories.
  12. T or F ? Margaret left the Catholic Church and became a Calvinist.
  13. T or F ? Margaret of Navarre was the daughter of King Henry of Navarre.
  14. T or F ? Margaret of Navarre published several editions of the Heptameron in her lifetime.
  15. T or F ? The first printed edition of the Heptameron appeared in 1558.
  16. T or F ? The storytellers in the Heptameron might be based on actual acquaintances of Margaret.
  17. T or F ? Some early editions of the Heptameron omit stories that are critical of the Catholic Church.
  18. T or F ? Although the Heptameron resembles the Decameron, Boccaccio was completely unknown in France.
  19. T or F ? The title Heptameron means Seven-Days.
  20. T or F ? Margaret was born in 1492.
  21. T or F ? Margaret of Navarre was the mother of Francis I, king of France.
  22. T or F ? The Heptameron was an influential book in French literary history.
  23. T or F ? Although her brother was king of France, Margaret was virtually unknown in her lifetime.
  24. T or F ? The Heptameron contains both comic and tragic stories.
  25. T or F ? Most of the stories in the Heptameron are French translations of Boccaccio's Decameron.

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