Week 8: Dante's Inferno

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The following is a list of statements which are either True or False. When you take the quiz, you will have 10 of these statements, chosen at random. You can take the quiz up to 5 times, and your average score will be recorded.

Apply the 80% RULE when you are taking quizzes for these classes. In other words: don't stress about trying to get 100% on these quizzes. The quizzes are here to make sure you are ready to go on to the next activity. If you get 80% or better, you are ready to proceed. If you get less than 80% you need to go back and do the reading again (read more slowly, take notes) and take the quiz again, aiming for at least 80%.

  1. T or F ? The lovers Paolo and Francesca were killed by Francesca's husband.
  2. T or F ? Nimrod and Potiphar's wife are both characters from the Bible.
  3. T or F ? Homer was one of the many Roman poets whom Dante read and admired.
  4. T or F ? Dante died in 1321.
  5. T or F ? Allegory is a kind of symbolic or secret meaning, in addition to the outward, literal meaning.
  6. T or F ? Cerberus is a mythological creature with the face of a woman and snakes for hair.
  7. T or F ? Ugolino and his sons were imprisoned in a tower without food.
  8. T or F ? Vergil and Virgil are variant spellings of the same name.
  9. T or F ? Florence, Styx, and Acheron are cities in the Tuscany region of Italy.
  10. T or F ? The Minotaur helped Jason to capture the Golden Fleece.
  11. T or F ? The Sibyl was Dante's guide through the Underworld.
  12. T or F ? Charon steers the boat carrying the souls of the dead in the Underworld.
  13. T or F ? Dante wrote the Divine Comedy in Italian.
  14. T or F ? Harpies are mythological monsters with heads like pigs and scales like fish.
  15. T or F ? Homer was Aeneas's guide through the Underworld.
  16. T or F ? Anyone who looked directly at Medusa turned to stone.
  17. T or F ? Dante's Inferno is part of a three-part poem called the Divine Comedy.
  18. T or F ? Capaneus is the three-headed dog who guards the Underworld.
  19. T or F ? The three parts of the Divine Comedy are the Inferno, the Purgatorio, and the Terza Rima.
  20. T or F ? Centaurs are mythological creatures who are half-man and half-goat.
  21. T or F ? Dante completely rejected the classical tradition in order to write a Christian poem.
  22. T or F ? The Furies are women whose hair is made of snakes and who have the wings of bats.
  23. T or F ? Dante was born in Paris in 1265.
  24. T or F ? Adam of Brescia was a famous counterfeiter and forger.
  25. T or F ? Geryon was a political ally of Dante in Florence.

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