Week 6: Ovid's Metamorphoses

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Reading Quiz

The following is a list of statements which are either True or False. When you take the quiz, you will have 10 of these statements, chosen at random. You can take the quiz up to 5 times, and your average score will be recorded.

Apply the 80% RULE when you are taking quizzes for these classes. In other words: don't stress about trying to get 100% on these quizzes. The quizzes are here to make sure you are ready to go on to the next activity. If you get 80% or better, you are ready to proceed. If you get less than 80% you need to go back and do the reading again (read more slowly, take notes) and take the quiz again, aiming for at least 80%.

  1. T or F ? After his death, Orpheus was reunited with his wife, Eurydice.
  2. T or F ? In her despair, Myrrha attempted suicide by hanging herself.
  3. T or F ? The princess Orythia agreed to marry Boreas because of all the gold and jewelry he gave her.
  4. T or F ? During the Trojan War, Pythagoras had been incarnated as the Greek warrior Menelaus.
  5. T or F ? After her marriage to Tereus, Procne longed to see her sister Philomela.
  6. T or F ? In the end, Nioba was turned into a pillar of salt.
  7. T or F ? Marsyas challenged the god Apollo to an archery contest.
  8. T or F ? Tereus silenced Philomela by cutting out her tongue.
  9. T or F ? The suitors of Atalanta who lost the race to her were then executed.
  10. T or F ? The goddess Latona turned the farmers into frogs.
  11. T or F ? Eurydice was bitten by a snake and died.
  12. T or F ? Cyparissus accidentally killed his beloved pet lion.
  13. T or F ? Venus gave Hippomenes three golden apples to use to defeat Atalanta in the foot-race.
  14. T or F ? Philomela threatened Tereus, saying that she would tell everyone how he raped her.
  15. T or F ? The goddess Athena brought Pygmalion's statue to life.
  16. T or F ? Myrrha became pregnant with her own father's child.
  17. T or F ? Apollo killed his lover Hyacinth in a fit of jealous rage.
  18. T or F ? Athena turned Arachne into a mouse.
  19. T or F ? Adonis rejected the advances of the goddess Venus, and became Apollo's lover instead.
  20. T or F ? In his rage, Tereus killed his own son, Itys.
  21. T or F ? Adonis was killed by a wild boar.
  22. T or F ? Athena disguised herself as a young man when she came to visit Arachne.
  23. T or F ? Niobe boasted because she had so many children.
  24. T or F ? Philomela told the story of her rape by acting it out in the form of a dance.
  25. T or F ? Myrrha fell in love with her brother, Cinyras.

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